DiveAdvisor.com is a site tailor made for the needs of the Global Scuba Diving Community. It is a completely neutral project, funded by independent entrepreneurs and not affiliated with any other brand, company or trademark. The purpose of the project is to provide a comprehensive communication tool to an industry that would highly benefit from one. Dive Advisor provides the ability for divers to log dives digitally and share the wealth of knowledge that is kept in each log with the rest of the world. This ensures that our database of “Sites & Shops” is populated by real Dive Logs, not just reviews & ratings. The tool provides Dive Shop owners a powerful tool to log dives for their customers and promote themselves to a highly specialized network of divers.

DiveAdvisor.com also takes upon itself the responsibility to manually verify all qualification credentials provided by their users and only grants the relevant status and rights to users with qualification credentials that match the licensing bodies records. In addition, DiveAdvisor.com has the digital equivalent of placing a stamp on a Dive Log which adds further legitimacy to the Dive Log. We aim to garner a reputation that will make the Dive Advisor Log Book a recognizable standard that Dive Shops around the world accept as proof of experience.

In the long run, we intend to meaningfully improve the world of scuba diving as well as the planet that we enjoy diving in. If done correctly & ethically, scuba diving is a great benefit to the environment and the economy of any host nation. The presence of Scuba Divers creates an economic incentive for wild life preservation and low levels of pollution. It also provides a source of funding to the entire industry to achieve this. By uniting the actions & voices of divers from around the world we promise to do good and participate in truly meaningful conservation efforts.