Conclusions The risk associated with a specific risk

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New emotions, thoughts and memories can emerge.What is useful is learned, and what is now useless (the negative reactions, emotions and thoughts) is discarded. A rape victim, for example, may begin with feelings of shame and fear, but at the end of the session report: shame is his, not mine. I a strong resilient woman.3.

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pandora jewellery The rate of thromboembolism depended on the individual risk factors composing the scores, and both schemes underestimated the risk associated with previous thromboembolic events. When patients were categorised into low, intermediate, and high risk groups, C statistics at 10 years’ follow up were 0.812 (0.796 to 0.827) with CHADS2 and 0.888 (0.875 to 0.900) with CHA2DS2 VASc.Conclusions The risk associated with a specific risk stratification score depended on the risk factors composing the score. CHA2DS2 VASc performed better than CHADS2 in predicting patients at high risk, and those categorised as low risk by CHA2DS2 VASc were truly at low risk for thromboembolism.IntroductionPatients with atrial fibrillation have a substantial risk of stroke, which is modified by the presence or absence of several risk factors.1 2 These risk factors have been used to develop thromboembolic risk stratification schemes, which have somewhat arbitrarily divided the risk of thromboembolism into low, intermediate, and high risk strata.3 Given the limitations of oral anticoagulation treatment with vitamin K antagonists, such risk stratification allows clinicians to target patients at “high risk” for treatment with vitamin K antagonists. pandora jewellery

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