Is DiveAdvisor.com affiliated with any other brand, licensing body or company?

No, DiveAdvisor.com is a completely independently owned communication tool that allows Divers to share their dives, photographs and experiences. It’s intention is to become the ultimate online database of all dive shops, sites & marine life.


Why DiveAdvisor?

DiveAdvisor is the most sophisticated network created for the scuba diving community & industry. We have a team of professional writers, researchers, developers, designers as well as a ‘Board of Advisors’ that comprises of the most qualified divers on the planet. We have been carefully studying the needs of the industry and preparing a tool that we believe best suits their needs. We have spared no expenses or efforts in ensuring the best possible information service possible for our users.


What are the benefits of using DA to a Diver?

1. An ability to build a profile of Dive Logs & Photographs that is convenient to use and exportable to various formats.

2. Participate in a social network and community that is truly relevant to diving and does not impeach on your privacy or personally identifiable information.

3. Contribute to meaningfully documenting the world beneath the surface in a database that can be helpful to others and hence to yourself.

4. Have access to over 7,000 Sites, 19,000 Shops, 300 Certification Listings, 800 Types of Marine Life and 120 handwritten articles for free.


What are the benefits of using DA to a Dive Shop?

1. The ability to create an online listing that is tailor made to the needs of a Dive Shop and have an enhanced web presence on a site that aims to become the standard in the field.

2. Gain ‘followers’ and growing your following of divers.

3. Document the Dives that you conduct and gain free ‘advertising’ on the relevant Dive Site Profile Page.

4. Meaningfully communicate and interact with your customers by digital verifying their Dive Logs and positioning yourself with their ‘Dive Stream’.