This is after all, the same Michael Flynn who believes bizarre

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The two groups were newly diagnosed, previously untreated patients with smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis receiving antituberculosis treatment (after one year, patients receiving a retreatment regimen were also eligible) and clinically healthy people previously treated for tuberculosis but no longer receiving any treatment.All participants had a permanent address, were not pregnant, and were willing to give informed consent. We excluded patients with WHO stage 4 HIV disease who were unlikely to survive more than two weeks as well as those with a history of sulphonamide allergy and those who needed treatment with or were already receiving co trimoxazole for other indications.Screening, informed consent, and randomisationAll newly diagnosed, previously untreated adult patients with smear positive pulmonary tuberculosis seen routinely in a diagnostic clinic and patients who had participated in an earlier trial of tuberculosis treatment were potentially eligible. Patients were referred to the tuberculosis chest clinic at the University Teaching Hospital for assessment of their eligibility.

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pandora charms Patients who were consulted enjoyed their teaching role. Several articles commented on the high quality of patients’ teaching. Remuneration varied from payment of expenses to an hourly rate. That not reassuring. This is after all, the same Michael Flynn who believes bizarre conspiracy theories, who repeatedly disseminated fake news as if it were real, whose former aides were so troubled by his false claims they came up with the “Flynn Facts” euphemism, and who, according to a new Washington Post report, “inappropriately shared” classified information with foreign military officers in 2010. Military intelligence chief in Afghanistan for sharing secrets with British and Australian allies there. pandora charms

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